The Sutra Art academy is for creatives wanting to get serious about making their art into a legitimate business. Gone are the days of the starving artist!

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Christina is a self taught artist and entrepreneur who started her creative career 5 years ago! She loves to spend time in nature with her family in the pacific northwest. Christina has made it part of her life mission to inspire and uplift those around her so that they can awaken to their own creative power to manifest beautiful things in their life. She spends most of her time creating art, teaching and soaking up as much knowledge and experience as possible! 


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Step into a world of creativity and fun! In the Sutra Art Academy, we come together for 4 weeks of everything ART! We learn the basics of art creation, how to use different materials, the ins and outs of business and even how to do taxes! It's all simplified and easily digestible, and the community we have created is so special. Once you are enrolled, you are a lifetime student with access to the material forever, as well as becoming part of the online Facebook group with almost 100 members (previous students) already. 

“Every artist dips their brush into their soul and paints their own nature into their paintings.”

It all started when someone wanted to buy a sketch right out of my sketchbook. That one experience changed my life forever and sent me on a journey to become the artist of my dreams. Now I am passionate about helping others step into their own creativity and create a life that truly is a masterpiece. I consider it my life's purpose to inspire and motivate others and that is why I love creating art, selling art and most of all, teaching art! I am so excited that you are here! 

Hello Goddess,
I want to personally thank you for inspiring me to quit my job 2 years ago and start my business. You are such a beautiful mirror for me and have shown me that anything is possible! Anytime I felt like giving up, I'd watch your insta stories and they would inspire me to keep going. Thank you for being a badass goddess and being a light to others.

- Devi

- Samantha Adams

Christina’s art academy is such an amazing, life changing program! From the content, tips, and even more so, the community. It’s so much more then just an art program. Being able to connect, build, and co-create with so many like minded woman. Its truly a delightful, empowering and beautiful experience.

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